A Kennewick man is wanted after he destroyed the windows of the car and home of the mother of an ex-girlfriend. The victim had stopped at an apartment on 2nd Ave to pick up her grand daughter from Nicholas Birden, but her grand-daughter was not there. She then got into an altercation with Birden. The victim had a restraining order on Birden from a previous incident at the time of the attack.

News reports say that Birden slashed the tires of the mothers car, which she witnessed herself during the altercation. She then drove with slashed tires to a nearby store where she left her car to go get help. After she left, store employees heard a large crash and saw that someone had thrown a huge rock through her window. After the mother got home, she realized someone had thrown a rock through her home windows also.

Biden is wanted on an outstanding warrant for failure to appear on an obstruction charge. If you have any information please call Tri-Cities Crime Stoppers at 509-586-8477, 800-222-8477, visit tricitiescrimestoppers.org, or call dispatch at 509-628-0333.