Because protestors say Christopher Columbus was a brutal tyrant towards the native peoples when he landed in 'America,'  Seattle City Council has changed the name.

In a move spearheaded by controversial progressive council member Kshama Sawant,  the Council voted to rename Columbus Day "Indigenous Peoples Day."  This move follows a previous vote on the same matter by the Seattle School District.

While many such explorers were not known for gracious treatment of certain ethnic groups after they established settlements in the New World,"   Columbus was not regarded as one of the worst.

Serenaded by drum beats, protestors have been circling outside the Seattle City Hall for several protests aimed at changing the name.  Sawant, who was behind the $15 minimum wage idea,  is fast becoming known as a leftist agitator more concerned with pushing her own personal agenda than  putting forth ideas to benefit the City of Seattle.

And, while some may not be aware, Columbus technically didn't discover "America" at least where we leave.  But we're splitting hairs here.  The point is, the assault on traditional American iconic days, holidays, people, beliefs and more continues.

Apparently, these protestors think actions like this will somehow make the world a better place.   So far, we haven't seen widespread results.

Most Seattle residents who were polled by various TV and Radio stations just shrugged, and some laughed about all the effort the protestors were putting in.

The website reports the groups of protestors wasn't exactly huge...It often appears those who pursue such agendas are particularly thin-skinned individuals.

We believe if these kind of people put their efforts towards working, a career, job or more worthwhile projects to benefit society,  the world would be a better place.     Just our thoughts.