The Seattle police chief fired an officer this week for the dumbest thing: he misplaced his gun, radio, and handcuffs and made up a weird story about how he found them. Listen to this:

The officer frequently works security off hours for extra cash. In fact, during his 30 years of service he was reprimanded several times for violating rules with his side gigs. During this off-hours job he put his police supplies in a bag that he thought he left in his truck.

In the morning he realized the bag wasn't there and called his local Kirkland police to report it stolen. Later he found it in his laundry room. Embarrassed, he never called Kirkland PD back to report it found.

When they followed up with him he concocted a crazy story.

Knowing a pan-handler with ties to many "criminal elements" the officer asked him to ask around about the stolen property. The pan-handler reported back that he'd found it so the officer organized "a drop" in a secure location to recover the bag.

Not buying a word of it the Kirkland detective immediately reported the situation to Seattle PD.

Due to his spotted record, which included lying when caught in compromising situations, the chief fired him.

The police union is saying the facts are in dispute and the dismissal was premature.