I collect Blu-rays so I was scanning the new releases and stumbled upon Seattle Seahawks Road to Super Bowl 48 due out June 10, 2014. This is the actual, complete games. That's what was missing from "Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl 48 Champions."

The first movie released March 4 was a single disc and 140 minutes long. This will be 400 minutes on two Blu-ray discs (3 regular DVDs). I've pre-ordered already. This is going to be everything I was hoping for.

From the Amazon.com product description:

For the first time in franchise history, the Seattle Seahawks are Super Bowl champions! Now the original network broadcasts of the Seahawks 2013 playoff run are yours to own in this exciting three-DVD set Seattle Seahawks: Road to XLVIII.

All the great moments from the Seahawks unforgettable playoff journey are here
the tense victory over the Saints, the thrilling last-second finish vs. the 49ers,
and the complete dismantling of the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Over these three games, the Seahawks went from contenders to Super Bowl champions and their ability, style, swagger, and unshakable home-field advantage were on display for an entire nation to behold. Seattle Seahawks: Road to XLVIII is a must-have for any fan who proudly wears the number 12 for their beloved Seahawks.

I'm reading that as the complete games from the playoffs including the Super Bowl game. It's only $46 -- I'd be willing to pay three times that much.