Say it isn't so... Seattle's Pike place market is home to the famous gum wall and will be cleaned off  for the 1st time in 20 YEARS!!!

(Photo By Jim Florea)

The wall will be steam cleaned beginning November 12th 2015 and should take a couple of days. According to Pike place Market the wall must be cleaned because the sugar in the gum is eroding the bricks on the building. The wall currently contains approximately 1,000,000 pieces of wadded up gum. Don't worry though after it's all clean you can start over... And this awesome photo contest is going on as well.

According to Dan Nailen with Inlander


Before the cleanup starts on Nov. 10, though, the market is hosting a photo contest, and you can submit your photos of the Gum Wall for a chance to win. The winning photographer will have their name engraved on a charm that will be a permanent part of the new MarketFront.