The 2016 Summer Olympics are coming up this August -- the entire planet is getting fired up for the games. With a record number of countries participating this year, it's exciting to see the people from our area heading down to South America!

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USA Athletes, alphabetical order:

Zachary Abbott: Track and Field -- Portland, OR

Nathan Adrian: Swimming -- Bremerton, WA

Leilani Akiyama: Judo -- Seattle, WA

Benjamin Aman: Volleyball -- Tacoma, WA

Lance Bade: Shooting -- Vancouver, WA

Ryan Bailey: Track and Field -- Salem, OR

Erica Bartolina: Track and Field -- Corvallis, OR

Haley Beranbaum: Swimming -- Snohomish, WA

Grey Billington: Triathlon -- Spokane, WA

Matthew Brown: Track and Field -- Bellevue, WA

Daniel Browne: Track and Field -- Portland, OR

Chelsea Burns: Triathlon -- Seattle, WA

Tyler Byers: Track and Field -- Spokane, WA

Marcus Chambers: Track and Field -- Tacoma, WA

Ashley Charters: Softball -- Beaverton, OR

Tamara Christopherson: Canoe/Kayak -- Seattle, WA

Morghan King: Weightlifting -- Redmond, WA

Richard Chung: Taekwondo -- Federal Way, WA

Jill Collymore: Volleyball -- Seattle, WA

Julie Crisp: Track and Field -- Portland, OR

Phillip Dunn: Track and Field -- Portland, OR

Ashton Eaton: Track and Field -- Bend, OR

Holland Elkins: Roller Sports -- Bremerton, OR

Stephen Ettinger: Cycling -- Cashmere, WA

Andrew Field: Canoe/Kayak -- Gig Harbor, WA

Tyrell Fortune: Wrestling -- Portland, OR

Melissa Fowler: Rugby -- Oregon City, OR

Amanda Furrer: Shooting -- Spokane, WA

Geena Gall: Track and Field -- Eugene, OR

Jennifer Goeckel: Track and Field -- Seattle, WA

Jennie Goldberg: Canoe/Kayak -- Seattle, WA

Natalie Griffin: Canoe/Kayak -- Gig Harbor, WA

Zach Guay: Canoe/Kayak -- Seattle, WA

Brock Gutches: Wrestling -- Central Point, OR

Lorraine Hack: Synchro -- Olympia, WA

Brandon Hall: Roller Sports -- Federal Way, WA

Bilal Hasan: Taekwondo -- Mukilteo, WA

Samantha Hill: Volleyball -- Spokane, WA

Katy Hill: Canoe/Kayak -- Gig Harbor, WA

Kim Hill: Volleyball -- Portland, OR

Becky Holliday: Track and Field -- Eugene, OR

Chris Horner: Cycling -- Bend, OR

Cyrus Hostetler: Track and Field -- Eugene, OR

Katrina Young: Diving -- Shoreline, WA

Josh Inman: Rowing -- Hillsboro, OR

Dominic Jacobs: Taekwondo -- Seattle, WA

Megan Jendrick: Swimming -- Puyallup, WA

Funmi Jimoh: Track and Field -- Seattle, WA

Virginia Johnson: Track and Field -- Bend, OR

Savannah Jones: Canoe/Kayak -- Gig Harbor, WA

Lydia Keefe Sampson: Canoe/Kayak -- Seattle, WA

Jill Kintner: Cycling -- Seattle, WA

Eric Lagerstrom: Triathlon -- Portland, OR

Chris Larsen: Softball -- Vancouver, WA

Nate Lewis: Weightlifting -- Arlington, WA

Dan Lowe: Shooting -- Olympia, WA

Lucy Ma: Table Tennis -- Bellevue, WA

Katherine Mackey: Track and Field -- Seattle, WA

Jordan Malloch: Canoe/Kayak -- Seattle, WA

Eliana Mason: Goalball -- Beaverton, OR

Chelsea McClammer: Track and Field -- Richland, WA

Lindsay Meyer: Rowing -- Seattle, WA

Alyson Morse: Canoe/Kayak -- Gig Harbor, WA

Peter Newton: Canoe/Kayak -- Bellevue, WA

Thoa Nguyen: Taekwondo -- Seattle, WA

Sean O'Neill: Table Tennis -- Portland, OR

Alexis Olgard: Volleyball -- Spokane, WA

Joshua Olson: Shooting -- Spokane, WA

Mia Overton: Canoe/Kayak -- Seattle, WA

Ryan Padilla: Canoe/Kayak -- Gig Harbor, WA

Eric Pattison: Table Tennis -- Seattle, WA

Aaron Paulson: Swimming -- Portland, OR

Spencer Paxson: Cycling -- Trout Lake, WA

Jill Penner: Synchro -- Seattle, WA

Jetta Rackleff: Roller Sports -- Bend, OR

Isaiah Rigo: Track and Field -- Cheney, WA

Aron Rono: Track and Field -- Beaverton, OR

Galen Rupp: Track and Field -- Portland, OR

Pat Sagdal: Softball -- Wenatchee, WA

Zachary Sagio: Roller Sports -- Federal Way, WA

Helena Scutt: Sailing -- Kirkland, WA

Casandra Shaffer: Swimming -- Bend, OR

Tyler Sharp: Swimming -- Olympia, WA

Scott Shipley: Canoe/Kayak -- Poulsbo, WA

Matthew Sisley: Weightlifting -- Seattle, WA

Michelle Snyder: Baseball -- Wenatchee, WA

Anna Socha: Canoe/Kayak -- Seattle, WA

Hope Solo: Soccer -- Richland, WA

Dylan Sordahl: Roller Sports -- Olympia, WA

Makenzie Sousley: Canoe/Kayak -- Gig Harbor, WA

Travis Stevens: Judo -- Tacoma, WA

Hans Struzyna: Rowing -- Kirkland, WA

James Stuck: Volleyball -- Puyallup, WA

Samuel Surowiec: Volleyball -- Everett, WA

Aretha Thurmond: Track and Field -- Seattle, WA

Lisa Uhl: Track and Field -- Portland, OR

David Wagner: Wheelchair Tennis -- Portland, OR

Brad Walker: Track and Field -- Spokane, WA

Liam Walsh: Field Hockey -- Lockport, WA

Crystal Wang: Table Tennis -- Seattle, WA

Angela Wang: Canoe/Kayak -- Seattle, WA

Rebecca Ward: Fencing -- Beaverton, OR

Amberlynn Weber: Track & Field -- Spokane, WA

Matt West: Volleyball -- Seattle, WA

Kayla Wheeler: Swiminng -- Lynnwood, WA

Nyree White: Softball -- Eugene, OR

Karissa Whitsell: Softball -- Eugene, OR

Tom Wier: Canoe/Kayak -- Snohomish, WA

Elizabeth Wiita: Synchro -- Vancouver, WA

Katy Wiita: Synchro -- Portland, OR

Elsie Windes: Water Polo -- Beaverton, OR

Kara Winger: Track and Field -- Seattle, WA

Rachel Yurkovish: Track and Field -- Eugene, OR

Mariel Zagunis: Fencing -- Beaverton, OR


College Students/Alumni/Coaches:

University of Oregon

Devon Allen: Track and Field

Johnathan Cabral: Track and Field, Canada

Matthew Centrowitz: Track and Field

Sam Crouser: Track and Field

Ashton Eaton: Track and Field

Phyllis Francis:Track and Field

English Gardner: Track and Field

Alexi Pappas: Track and Field, Greece

Jenna Prandini: Track and Field

Deejah Stevens: Track and Field

Brianne Theisen-Eaton: Track and Field

Ariana Washington: Track and Field

Chris Winter: Track and Field, Canada


Oregon State University

Devery Karz: Rowing


University of Washington

Will Crothers: Rowing, Canada

Diamara Plannel Cruz: Track and Field, Puerto Rico

Sam Dommer: Rowing

Rob Gibson: Rowing, Canada

Megan Kalmoe: Rowing

Adrienne Martelli: Rowing

Conlin McCabe: Rowing, Canada

Rob Munn: Rowing

Patricia Obee: Rowing, Canada

Sam Ojserkis: Rowing

Kerry Simmonds: Rowing

Katelin Snyder: Rowing

Jeremy Taiwo: Track and Field

Courtney Thompson: Volleyball

Krista Vansant: Volleyball


Washington State University

Aron Baynes: Basketball, Australia

Nicole Hare: Rowing, Canada

Bernard Lagat: Track and Field

Brock Motum: Basketball, Australia

Lisa Roman: Rowing, Canada

Klay Thompson: Basketball

Angela Whyte: Track and Field, Canada