Yes, the real Heisman Trophy is in Tri Cities right now, and you can go get your picture taken with it until October 31st. The trophy is here because of a promotion with Bill and Nancy Robertson Nissan is hosting where people can take a picture with the trophy and upload that picture to get entered for $1,000. The details and where you enter are on their Facebook page, remember you only have until Monday October 31st to take your picture because then the trophy is gone.

Here are some more details about the event:
Show room is open Monday - Saturday from 8:30 a - 7p and Sunday from 11a - 6p.


Come to Bill Robertson Nissan and take your photo with the Heisman Trophy October 27-October 31.
Go to the Bill Robertson Nissan Facebook Page .
Click on the Photo Contest Tab.
Upload your photo to the Bill and Debbie Robertson Nissan Heisman Photo Contest.
Share your photo with your friends to encourage the most likes!
The photo with the most likes at 4pm on Tuesday, November 15 will win $1,000!