Benton County Sheriffs arrested a 15 year old student by gunpoint after rumors of a gun threat at Kiona-Benton City High School on Wednesday.

The student was arrested without incident, no gun was found, was later released, and is not expecting to receive any charges.

School officials got multiple reports that a student had a gun at school around 11 am.

Local police were immediately called when the school could not find the student in class.

All nearby schools were put on lockdown as police and officials searched school grounds for the student.

The 15 year old boy was found walking on a road between the high school and the Red Apple Market just after 11:26 a.m., according to news reports.

Benton County Sheriffs Deputies pointed AR-15 rifles at the teen, made him get on the ground, and drop his backpack.

The boy was taken away for questioning and students with information were interviewed.

School officials changed there risk strategy after 2 students plotted to kill another last fall. They waited to call police because they wanted to investigate it on their own. This time police were called immediately.

This was the 7th gun threat in local schools just this week.

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