Most people have a fear of flying. I mean, deep down admit it... we all think about “what if” the plane crashed. Now there is a new fear on planes: the fear of contracting Ebola.
All the experts tell us not to worry and that the odds are almost zero that you or someone you know will ever come down with Ebola. Still, I would think “what if” sitting next to someone on a plane who was sweating, coughing and blowing their nose.

Ebola wasn’t a part of my vocabulary a month ago. Now the disease is part of my daily conversation. My wife is traveling to Florida next week and she isn’t afraid, but is apprehensive about traveling.
I agree with Paul Hudson, the President of Flyersrights. He recently issued this statement:

It is time to stop West Africans and others from the infected countries from entering the U.S. without quarantines and blood testing for Ebola.

Airlines who knowingly transport passengers from the infected areas may face massive lawsuits, and their insurance carriers, especially AIG the main carrier; also need to step forward before it too late.

The FAA and TSA cannot escape responsibility as they have primary jurisdiction over air safety and security. Ebola is being transported to the U.S. solely by air transport.

The death and infection rates are so horrendous that decisive measures are essential regardless of sensitivities.”

Do you think airlines should stop all flights inbound from West Africa?