I was at OMSI once when this woman walking around the exhibits with a baby pulled out her breast to feed it. She wanted it to be quiet in the museum but it wasn't very hungry so she was walking around in front of a lot of people with her breast exposed for a long time. Even though I support breastfeeding, it made me uncomfortable. Is that bad?

I've heard each side and think it's a balanced argument. Am I wrong? Is one side definitely right and the other definitely wrong?


  • You don't want to eat with a blanket over your head, why would a baby?
  • Why are you staring anyway?
  • Why is it any less appropriate (or more sexual) than seeing ME eat?


  • Most babies don't care if they have a light cover over them.
  • I don't want my teenage son seeing that even if it is the most natural thing in the world because his hormone-crazed brain is also natural.
  • In our society exposed breasts make people uncomfortable even if they shouldn't.

Below is ground for compromise. It's a message from a man who says, "Hurray for public breastfeeding, but don't mind if I'm shocked. That's about me, not you." I think that's fair middle ground. What do YOU think? Answer the survey below: