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First Coronavirus Death in United States is in Washington State
The United States has had its first death from coronavirus. It hits too close to home, as news reports indicate that the person was a Washington resident.
Governor Inslee confirmed in a statement today that it was Covid-19, saying it was a "sad day in our state" and that "w…
It Really Sucks Being Corona Beer Right Now
I say no to Corona Extra without a lime. 38% of Americans, however, are saying no to Corona altogether.
That's right. In an age of instantly accessible information, there are people who can't distinguish the coronavirus from Corona beer. Honestly, when I said people would stop drinking Coro…
11 Washington Children Have Gone Missing in 2020
We're only two full months into 2020 and there are already several children who have gone missing since the new year got underway.
The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children is a private non-profit group that strives to find children who have gone missing, prevent victimiz…
New Restaurant Bringing Gumbo & Po' Boy to the Mall
I have come here to chew gumbo and grab a po' boy, and I'm all out of gumbo.
A food truck is about to graduate to a brick and mortar restaurant. But not just any food truck. This one specializes in food that's been under-represented in our area...
How Many Spudnut Shops Are There in the World?
I've lived in Tri-Cities for 17 years and I just found out Spudnuts used to be a chain. Sure, it's locally and independently owned here in Richland; but I thought it was the only one.
My wife has one of those desktop calendar that has daily information and tidbits...

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