It was the late Chris Farley in 'Tommy Boy' who got such joy and laughter out of being the "fat guy in a little coat," just one instance of people getting a chuckle of seeing large things in contrast to small things. With that in mind, we bring you this clip that finds two fully grown adult men rocking out some Slayer-riffic awesomeness on pre-school instruments.

The video comes courtesy of Pasquale Custom Guitars, as Frank Pasquale (that's him on the tiny pink guitar) and his buddy on the miniature pink drum set deliver a fully thrashing medley of Slayer music. The instruments themselves are from a company called First Act Discovery.

You can see the joy the two men are getting out of rocking out, even if it is on instruments that they tower over. And adding to the fun is the one child circle pit that is launched by an energetic young girl.

Check out the video above to see two grown men rocking a medley of Slayer tunes on child instruments!

You Think You Know Slayer?