If someone had to find out about who was in the top ten WWE fans in the world I probably would be No. 1. I love my WWE! I still live in the past with wrestling when it was WCW or WWF, etc., but the new stars are capturing my attention just as much. No matter who I like in the world of wrestling I always record it no matter what.

There will never be stars like 'The Heart Break Kid' or 'Road Warriors,' but wrestling is wrestling. I am never going to stop watching it just because my 'Old School Favs' are not in it anymore. Someone is bound to be as cool as them again, right? Probably not but it is still cool to watch.

Starting Jan. 15, "Smack-Down" moves to Thursday nights, so if you are as big of a wrestling fan as I am you will want to set your DVR. Why? 'Because Stone Cold Said So That's Why'!

Wrestling lives on!