It's contingent upon Harvin passing a physical.  Hold your jokes,  it happens with every trade.  But are the Hawks throwing in the towel potentially by trading away their most explosive player?

According to NFL expert John Clayton from ESPN (who years ago covered the Hawks, and is considered very smart on these matters)  things were getting out of sync with the offense, to use Clayton's words.

He said the Hawks offense has been less effective because they have been having to try to "force" ways to get him the ball.  Defenses have figured out many of the plays the Seahawks are using, including the devastating fly sweep used against Denver in the Super Bowl.  They ran it against the Cowboys last Sunday, but few yards resulted.

Seattle gave up a ton of money and draft picks to get him, and although they did win the Super Bowl,  it's considered a "loss" for the team. So what are they getting from Jets?

The Jets will give Seattle a conditional draft pick, that could range anywhere from the 2nd. to 4th. round.   Some experts think Seattle will be more cohesive and efficient on offense without the often-injured Harvin.

A popular NFL Meme on the web said Harvin took the Ice Bucket Challenge,  and it put him on injured reserve for 4-6 weeks.  Harvin was also often injured when he played for the Minnesota Vikings.