I have no idea why this isn't a made-for-TV movie yet. A 66-year-old Soap Lake man was dating the 44-year-old daughter of his brother. She shot him in the back of the head in Belize and tried to make it look like suicide.

Interpol has issued a warrant for Tracy Nassl, the Grant County woman accused of shooting her uncle/lover in the head after an argument at their home in Belize on Christmas Day in 2014.

The victim's children have filed a lawsuit in Grant County Superior Court. They say their father began dating the woman while going through a divorce in 2012. She convinced the man to transfer ownership of several properties into her name, and name her as a sole beneficiary on several life insurance policies.

They bought property in Belize together to run a bed and breakfast.

When neighbors called police (after hearing the argument and then a gun shot) it took TWO HOURS for the Belize police to arrive. During that time the woman tried to make it look like a suicide... unsuccessfully considering the bullet entered the back of his head from some distance away.

She fled the country and returned to Grant County.



[SOURCE: Columbia Basin Herald]