Things got out of hand at an October party in Spokane and a police officer awoke in a bedroom being assaulted by a fellow officer.

The female officer had been drinking at the party and passed out in a bedroom of the home of a third officer. Shortly after the party she called the Spokane County Sheriff's office to investigate. They found sufficient evidence for the accused man to be on paid leave. On Dec. 2 he visited the jail to be booked and went home shortly after.

Normally he'd be assumed innocent until proven guilty and wait for a trial... but the story got more complicated.

According to a press release, the sheriff's office believes the president of the Spokane police union tipped the accused off about the investigation and even contacted some of the officers involved.

The union president, also an officer, is now accused of rendering criminal assistance and obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

County prosecutors will decide what charges to file and how, and if, to prosecute.

The officer who hosted the October party is also on paid leave, but has not been charged with any crimes.

gregory horler