An Australian socialite stabbed his ex-girlfriend in the back several times before slicing his wrist and stabbing his own neck. She said if they were going to die together she should get to do some stabbing, too. He agreed and she stuck him in the stomach and then twisted the knife until his intestines came out. That warrants a lesser sentence he told the judge this week.

Allegedly uttering "good one" when she stabbed him, the girlfriend managed to escape his grasp as he lost consciousness and climbed down the balcony (on the 3rd floor). Both survived the 2010 incident and former reality-TV contestant Joel Betts has been appealing his conviction since 2012.

A judge sentenced him to 16 years and he told the judge that because of his pain and suffering (and permanent damage to his bowels) from her stab, he should receive a lighter sentence!!!

Wanna bet what the judge said? You guessed it!