There are several top headlines this morning including a stabbing, a hunt for a hit-and-run suspect and pink water coming out of taps. Read more:

  • Kennewick Police sent an bulletin this morning saying they were looking for a dark blue or dark gray extended cab Dodge pickup. On Wednesday evening, the truck hit two people and a dog in the crosswalk on 10th Ave. near Washington Street. The truck then fled the scene. The truck had a canopy of matching color and a center rear brake light and windows all around. The front of the truck had a light-colored, possibly chrome, grill. the wheels were a lighter color.
  • KNDU is reporting this morning that multiple residents are complaining of pink water coming out of their residential faucets in east Kennewick. City officials are saying it's likely sodium permanganate -- a chemical added at the water treatment plant that is not harmful. Likely a valve failed to shut all the way and more of the chemical was added than usual.
  • Kennewick Police are saying a man was arrested recently for hitting his wife in the face and making her partially blind. The husband and wife were in an argument Monday morning and the man hit her in the face. She later reported having trouble seeing. A doctor discovered the hit resulted in choroidal detachment in the right eye.