It's rare that a band opens themselves up so publicly to reveal such a deeply personal piece of art. The always introspective Steel Panther have just unveiled such honesty in the new track 'The Burden of Being Wonderful,' which will appear on the heavy metal act's third studio album, 'All You Can Eat.'

'The Burden of Being Wonderful' is a power ballad that only '80s metal's most de-thawed musicians could compose in the modern era. The track delves deep into the psyche of Steel Panther, pointing out how perfection can be quite the burden. The ensemble of strings orchestrated for 'The Burden of Being Wonderful' complements both the vocal work of Michael Starr along with the '80s metal zeitgeist.

The new video for 'The Burden of Being Wonderful' was directed by Kirker Butler, who gained much recognition for his writing and producing work on 'Family Guy' and 'The Cleveland Show.' "I grew up on heavy metal videos," Butler shares. "They were the best things on MTV (along with the Duran Duran videos with the naked girls). I wanted to make a heavy metal video the way they used to make them, but with better production values and less Tawny Kitaen."

The video stars comedian Matt Braunger ('Mad TV' / 'Up All Night') as an average Joe who is a complete narcissist despite his many shortcomings. He sees himself embodied as the perfection of Steel Panther.

Check out Steel Panther's new video for 'The Burden of Being Wonderful' above! And get ready for Steel Panther's new album 'All You Can Eat,' which will hit stores on April 1.