A few days ago, The Oregonian published a front page article about a man who was supporting his family by working two different Subway jobs. Keith Fons was manager for one store and graveyard for another.

Fons' wife has multiple sclerosis and he was working up to 80 hours a week to support their three children. The Oregonian did a write-up on him and many readers showed Keith their support with various acts of kindness.

Less than a week after the article was published, the regional owner of both stores cut him a check and said he couldn't work his graveyard job anymore.

Fons worked 80 hours a week, but because he worked for two different stores, he did not believe he was needing to be paid overtime. This situation was a legal "grey area" and Subway probably didn't want to deal with something so complicated.

This sucks for everyone involved. Fons has to look for another job, the owner had to fire a dedicated employee, and Subway (amidst on-going bad press about Jared) takes another hit.