I don't know if you saw this story on KNDU last week just thought I'd pass it along mainly because of this Man being a hero and saving a small child from being injured by fireworks!

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According to the Story from KNDU

Fourth of July started off as a day full of anticipation and excitement for Joshua Luther, his wife and his four kids. the Luther's went to Mabton to spend the holiday with their family.

"Everyone was happy my kids could not wait to get to their uncle's house and light some fireworks," said Luther.

As the sun went down the children in Luther's family along with children from the neighborhood began to light fireworks while parents supervised. As fireworks were ignited Luther noticed a child around the age of 6 who was holding a different type of firework in his hand, an artillery shell firework. At that moment Luther's 6 years of firefighter experience kicked in.

"It did not click in my head what it was at first, but then I saw the quick fuse," said Luther. " I looked away and right away I jumped towards him grabbed it and I got about midway in throwing before it ignited itself and blew up and blew fragments in my hand."

After the smoke cleared Luther's life was forever changed.