Two men are joining their vehicle behind bars in Grant County, after they were arrested early Thursday morning for allegedly trying to steal their vehicle 'back' from the police.

Around midnight Wednesday, authorities were alerted by an alarm sounding at the Grant County Interagency Narcotics Team impound lot in Ephrata. Upon arrival Ephrata Police and Grant County Sheriff's saw footprints leading away from the fence towards where a number of vehicle were parked.

The police noticed a black vehicle moving very slowly not far away near Railroad Ave. it's lights 'blacked out, and a man was walking in front of it, as if he was leading the driver in the dark.  He then walked around and got back in the vehicle and it prepared to drive off. Sheriff's and police pulled the vehicle over, and ended up arresting two men.

57-year-old Bernard Brill and 40-year-old George Chapman both gave various stories to authorities, from wanting to retrieve something from Brill's vehicle, to wanting to get the actual car back. However, officials say they actually ended up taking the WRONG car!  Both are now in the Grant County Jail.


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