The 10 Worst Album Covers of 2011 Are Not Your Grandfather’s Terrible Album Covers
Our friends at PopCrush assembled an epic list of the worst album covers released in the top half of 2011, including atrocities from Lady Gaga, Limp Bizkit and 311. We must say, there’s something about the digital age that makes artists release pretty awful cover art — could it be that in the age of Spotify and iTunes, they think these’ll never actually get seen any larger than thumbnail-size? Rea
A Look At “If Not Now, When” from Incubus
In The Lab With Incubus - The Making Of If Not Now, When? is a radio special presented by Breaking Bad, (Premiering Sunday, July 17th only on AMC), and is hosted by Matt Pinfield. After the jump check out the program which features band members Brandon Boyd and Mike Einziger, as they preview and discuss tracks from their newest release.