We’re All Gonna Die September 23rd!
A Christian numerologist claims a verse in the Bible proves that the world will end on September 23.  In Luke 21:25-26 there is a quote which apparently matches the date of the Great American Solar Eclipse, when Hurricane Harvey hit, and when Texas was flooded...
How People are Preparing for the Mayan Apocalypse
So Friday, December 21 is maaaaaaaybe going to be the apocalypse because a really old calendar ran out of space. It's already tomorrow in Australia, and people are reporting that it's fine. Of course other people are pointing out that the ancient Mayans weren't really operating on Greenwich Mean Time, so maybe Australia should just cool their jets. Some of us are calmly stuffing as much clothing a
Miami Man Ignores Zombie Apocalypse, Pulls Hilarious Zombie Prank
As you’ve surely already heard, last week there was a horrendous crime in Miami where a man was shot to death by police as he was chewing off a good part of another man’s face. This was just one of a recent spate of gruesome incidents involving cannibalism and body parts that have led some to suggest the “zombie apocalypse,” which has been so prevalent in pop culture as of late, is very real and u