The Superman vs. Batman Movie I Want to See
The Superman Batman movie just seems to be pushed back further and further every day. The current projected release year is 2016. We won't even see the new Batman suit until March.
The folks at College Humor have you covered.
In their vision of an alien boyscout vs. billionaire psychotic team up,…
15 Shows/Movies With a Porn Parody
If you're new to the internet, let me show you the ropes. Let's jump right on down to Rule 34. If it exists, there is porn of it. There are no loopholes.
Live-Action Batman and Deadpool Duke It Out
The age-old questions have been answered. Batman vs. Wolverine, Superman vs. Thor, Darth Vader vs. Gandalf, Batman vs. DEADPOOL?
Yup. Thanks to one of my favorite YouTube channels, Bat in the Sun, Batman and Deadpool kick each other's asses in full live-action glory...
Top 5 Superhero Movies Since 2000
I'm a big comic book fan, and really love superhero movies. Since the turn of the millennium, it seems that every summer will have a superhero blockbuster. Or bomb. Remember Elektra? I'm not even sorry for making you remember that. I have compiled a list of the absolute best superhero movi…

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