Columbia River

Best Places to Swim in the River
I see a lot of people swimming next to the boat ramps in Columbia Park and Howard Amon, but those places are kind of gross. Here are the four best family beaches for swimming in the river:
Do You Swim in the Columbia River? [POLL]
We had a boat race party this last weekend and everybody was in the river -- well, almost everybody. Those that weren't kept saying, "I can't believe they're swimming in that river! I'd NEVER swim in that river!" What about you?
So Much for a White Christmas in the Tri-Cities!
The weather was absolutely gorgeous Monday afternoon. I took my daughter down to the river to throw rocks in and I just couldn't muster sadness for the lack of snow. If you can't have a white Christmas, the next best thing is a beautiful, sunny Christmas in the Mid-Columbia!
Best Inflatables for the Summer
Blowup those toys and relax in the water during the remainder of these next few Summer months.
Here are some of the best and weirdest inflatables for you and the whole family!
1. Intex Sea Turtle Ride On
For $21.50, this giant Turtle provides fun filled water entertainment for kids ages 3 and older. …
Map of Boat Docks in the Tri-Cities
It’s boating season! Thanks to the three rivers, the Tri-Cities provides many places for boat launches and docks. Here is a map of some of the popular boat facilities in the Tri-Cities.
Sturgeon Fishing with Focker
I had a chance to go sturgeon fishing with Scott and Scott from Atwood's NW Guide Service and boy did we catch some River Monster's! After the jump check out the pics and video and find out how to Rip some Lips with Atwood's NW Guide Service.