How I Cracked the Code at Disney World
Several years ago we went to Disney World right before Christmas -- two weeks before to be exact. That's a time of the year when the parks are really slow (hardly anyone there). When the park wants to include visitors in their shows, escapades, events, etc. they have to really go looking for fo…
I Almost Punched a 49ers Fan in the Throat at Disneyland
Last week I spent 4 days in Disneyland and had an amazing time. I wore my Seahawks gear every day, all day, and ran into TONS of really cool fans -- both for Seahawks and 49ers. I was like a magnet. It was literally hundreds of people a day.
Darth Vader: What Are You Going to Do Next? [VIDEO]
Yesterday, the announcement was made that Episode 7 of the Star Wars series would be released after Disney purchased Lucasfilms for a mere $4 Billion. Now, the question comes up for one of the most iconic villains in film history, Darth Vader: What are you going to do next...