17 Dogs Taken in by PAWS [Pendelton Animal Welfare Shelter]
Seventeen dogs brought in from a hoarding situation need your help.
Authorities recovered 15 chihuahua/dachshund mixes, a shiatsu, and a pit bull
Pendelton Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) desperately needs your donations of cash for vet care and cleaning supplies, small dog collars and pet bed…
Protest the Hero Take On Pit Bull Laws in 'A Life Embossed'
It's not a topic that you ever hear in metal music, but Protest the Hero has created a song and lyric video that all dog owners should listen to and watch. Forget those sad Sarah McLachlan commercials and crank up the new track from Canadian rockers Protest The Hero called 'A Life Embossed…
Watch This Veterinarian Sit in a Parked Car on a Hot Day
As you know, I'm a big-time dog lover and it just breaks my heart when I see pets sitting in a parked car on a hot day. Finally, this vet Ernie Ward shows you what it's like to sit in a parked car for 30 minutes on a hot summer day!
I know those puppy dog eyes are tempting, but just leave y…

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