That gnarly lookin' fish is a Mahi-Mahi. The Hellyeah crew caught their fair share on a recent fishing trip to Cozumel.
Really Lazy Gifts from Washington
Got family you don't know that well? How much time are you supposed to invest finding gifts for people whose kids you've never seen. You need to simplify. Go with geography gifts: people love receiving Florida oranges, Georgia peaches and New Jersey tanning lotion.
Rippin Lips with Atwood’s NW Guide Service
This weekend I had the chance to hit Hell's Canyon for the 2nd year in a row with Scott Atwood of Atwood's NW Guide Service. This time I took my dad, my future father-in-law and a couple buddies. With Steelhead numbers down all season Scott still put us on the fish all weekend long!! After…
Sturgeon Fishing with Focker
I had a chance to go sturgeon fishing with Scott and Scott from Atwood's NW Guide Service and boy did we catch some River Monster's! After the jump check out the pics and video and find out how to Rip some Lips with Atwood's NW Guide Service.