'The Simpsons' Predicted Disney's Fox Deal in 1998
Thousands of years from now, alien archaeologists will come to one inescapable conclusion: The Simpsons dictated humanity’s every advance. The latest evidence is none other than today’s giant Disney-Fox merger, which America’s favorite family jokingly predicted in 1998.
When Tragedy Strikes, Turn Off Your TV
I refuse to acknowledge the murderer of seven innocents in Isla Vista by name. I'm not going to give that little sh*t the time of day. I will move on to my point, and do so quickly.
UFC on Fox 4 Preview: Shogun vs. Vera
UFC on Fox 4 will be taking place this Saturday, August 4th, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. It will feature a total of ten bouts, half of which really truly could go either way. The main event is stacked, and the prelims don’t look half bad either. Read on for the …
“Focker Talk” w/ Guest Simon Cowell
On Friday Arpil 15th I had the chance to speak with ex American Idol Judge and the Executive Producer/Judge of the new Fox television show The X-Factor, Simon Cowell. If you missed the interview live here it is!!
Below are the details of the auditions for Wednesday in Seattle...
Simon Cowell Friday Afternoon w/ Focker
Make sure to join me, Gaylord Focker, Friday afternoon in the Freakshow as we welcome Simon Cowell to the show. After the jump find out why he's checking into the Glass Hook Studios and let me know what you would ask him.