The Cop in Las Vegas Had a Gun -- Didn't Make Him Any Safer
Today a teenager near Portland shot someone at his school. Monday two teenagers were found shot dead in Kennewick. On Sunday morning two Las Vegas police officers and a Walmart shopper were shot dead. On Friday three Canadian Mounties were shot dead and a man shot three people at Seattle Pacific Uni…
Best Idea Ever: Targets on the Back of Pizza Boxes!
Every once in a while an idea comes along like slicked bread, foaming hand soap and cordless game controllers when you think, "WHY DID THIS TAKE SO LONG?!" Newest one I discovered: printing shooting targets on the back of pizza boxes.
Where Are the Best Places to Shoot Guns in the Mid-Columbia?
Who else remembers going to the shooting range with their dad at eleven years old? I do. We would head down to Hole in the Wall and he would show me how to use his Glock -- or sometimes we would head out to Badger Canyon and up into the hills to find a nice spot to unleash the double barrel on an ol…
Law Student Confronted by Police for Carrying Gun in Public [VIDEO]
A Portland, Maine law student taught a local police officer a few things about his rights to openly carry a firearm in public. After illegally stopping and detaining the citizen, seizing his firearm, pointing the loaded gun in his direction, the officer refuses to return his gun for almost three min…

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