10 Most Haunted Places in the Mid Columbia [PHOTOS]
A coworker says when they were young friends would take her out to see the ghost at Three River's Park in Finley. If you waited in the right spot and sat perfectly still, you'd suddenly hear a hiss and see a tall misty figure rising above the ground...
Halloween Is Here — Do You Believe In Ghosts? [POLL]
Halloween is only a couple of days away. Everyone wants to tell a good ghost story or at least hear one. Me? I am kind of in the middle about this. Not sure one way or the other. Although, I do not believe ghosts -- if there is such a thing -- are mean. They are dead, for crying out loud.
What Are the Grossest Halloween Candies? VOTE!
I like the Runts -- especially the bananas -- and many people don't -- especially the bananas. I can't stand the NECCO wafers but a coworker loves them. Every kid has candies they save, and ones they trade. What about you? Vote below:

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