I’m Coming Back to Rock!
You may (or may not have) noticed my (Iceman/Pete) absence from 97 Rock since welcoming Full Metal Jackie and Loudwire Nights to the Fold.
But, now I am back. From 10-3 every week day, I will be getting you ready for the thrill ride that is Curt Cartier.
He Doubted My ‘Balls’ Post – Now Andrew Has to Kiss My Shoes!
Andrew is our digital expert. He usually is right about what blog ideas are good, and what blog ideas are bad. Usually. We get into it sometimes when we don't see eye to eye on an idea. It's always in good fun. I've learned time to time that Andrew is almost always right, and he will …
My Open Letter to the Brad’s Beard
Just a quick forward. I want to express myself appropriately and constructively during my time of impending grief, so I am writing a letter to the Brad's beard to share my feelings. I would also recommend you run this song in the background while you read this, to ensure a better reading experi…
How Much Are You Willing to Pay for Pizza?
I'm really excited about Rock Wood Fired Pizza opening in Kennewick this year. My co-worker said he's not sure it will do well after the initial excitement is over since, in his words, people aren't willing to pay $20-25 for a pizza. I think that's totally stupid. To bolster his …