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Local Band Profile – Midnight Parkade
Name of band?
Midnight Parkade

How’d you get your name?
We came up with the name after we decided to have a name change. Originally we were called The Dixons but due to legal issues we had to change it. At first I Pedro wanted the name “Parkade” named after t…
Tumble Down Badger Keeps it Simple – Local Band Profile
Andrew Kirk was walking to a park in Richland when he heard an interesting sound coming from a porch. It turned out to be Tumble Down Badger -- a local band made up of bored musicians who found each other on Craigslist.
They decided on the name Tumble Down Badger because they like how it localizes th…
The Savage Henrys Get Neighborly — Local Band Profile
The Brad has seen the Savage Henrys a few times at local venues but I got my first introduction last night when Chris Miller came over and asked if their rehearsal was going to disrupt my al fresco dinner of hotdogs and Cheetos. After finishing I swung over to drop off some freshly-baked cookies and…