A $24 Million Lotto Ticket Is Still Unclaimed
It blows my mind that once someone buys a lotto ticket they do not check it the next day. I try to buy a lotto ticket every time we get paid, just in case. When the lotto numbers come out, I watch for them.
Yup, I am that person. In the 24 hours I buy my lotto ticket and before they read the numbers,…
10 Things I Would Do If I Won Any Lottery – Some Good Advice
There is always a lottery going on and as of January 9th the Power-ball jackpot has soared to the record high for any lottery. 1.3 Billion dollars. I don't think I have ever even thought that high as far as that kind of money is concerned. I have a list of things that I would  do before an…
How Rich People Save Money, Tips To Live By
I had a ton of money once. I saved it and never looked at it. I made a bad business decision and lost most of it. However, I got there by saving some serious cash. The big dogs now a days save like they are never going to have money again. The exact reason why they are rich.

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