Montana to Raise Speed Limit to 80 MPH on Some Highways
I lived in Montana and Wyoming when there was no speed limit. I was pulled over in my awesome Ford Thunderbird. I was doing 135 mph, but an officer pulled me over for having a taillight out. Dang! I miss those days. Well, they're kind of coming back again ... just not in Washington!
true sportsmanship shown off in hs bball
Earlier this morning I went through my usual routine of waking up and scrolling through Facebook to see what I had missed in the world while I was asleep. Well this morning I was introduced to a video that would not only make me smile but remind me that if we continue to have parents and coaches tea…
The Quickest Way To Jail
There's a lot of things I would love to do, and there's a small part of me that feels the same way as John Hughes in Montana. The difference, he acted upon his feelings and it got him a fine.
Montana Rep. Alan Hale Defends Drunk Driving [VIDEO]
Montana Republican Congressman Alan Hale is apparently courting a new  group of voters: drunk drivers.
Yep, this week, Hale actually argued against a new House Bill that according to the Missoulian would allow courts in Montana to "look back to impaired driving offenses up to 10 years old when s…