Montana to Raise Speed Limit to 80 MPH on Some Highways
I lived in Montana and Wyoming when there was no speed limit. I was pulled over in my awesome Ford Thunderbird. I was doing 135 mph, but an officer pulled me over for having a taillight out. Dang! I miss those days. Well, they're kind of coming back again ... just not in Washington!
Snowboarders 'Chase' Moose and Get Fined [VIDEO]
Some are calling it animal cruelty, others are calling these guys stupid, and some think it was a harmless video. A couple of friends were snowboarding in White Fish, MT when they stumbled across one of the biggest beasts in the forest.
true sportsmanship shown off in hs bball
Earlier this morning I went through my usual routine of waking up and scrolling through Facebook to see what I had missed in the world while I was asleep. Well this morning I was introduced to a video that would not only make me smile but remind me that if we continue to have parents and coaches tea…
The Quickest Way To Jail
There's a lot of things I would love to do, and there's a small part of me that feels the same way as John Hughes in Montana. The difference, he acted upon his feelings and it got him a fine.
Montana Rep. Alan Hale Defends Drunk Driving [VIDEO]
Montana Republican Congressman Alan Hale is apparently courting a new  group of voters: drunk drivers.
Yep, this week, Hale actually argued against a new House Bill that according to the Missoulian would allow courts in Montana to "look back to impaired driving offenses up to 10 years old when s…