The Best Line Brawls in Hockey
Hockey is famous for its inclusion of fighting within its sport. While hardcore fans have mixed to appreciative feelings toward fighting, the rest of the world isn't paying too much attention to the fighting.* Then a line brawl happens, and everyone is watching and saying their two cents. Here&…
See What PK Subban Saw When Celebrating Hockey Gold Medal [VIDEO]
Even though the United States lost the bronze medal match after losing to Team Canada for a chance for gold, it's still cool to see players ecstatic about being champions.
Thanks to defenseman PK Subban (Montreal Canadiens) for having his camera out to celebrate with his Team Canada teammates wh…
My 4 Favo(u)rite Canadian Things You Won’t Find Here
I've got a lot of ties to our neighbors up north, so many that often times I'm associated as being Canadian myself. I frequent the beautiful land often, and when I'm in the states, I'm in the homes of Canadian families. They spoil me with their nationally exclusive foods, which I…
Pittsburgh Penguins Player Pulls Out Own Teeth [VIDEO]
It's no secret that hockey players are some of the toughest dudes in all of pro sports. Pittsburgh Penguins right winger Pascal Dupuis unnecessarily proved that Wednesday night after catching a high stick from a teammate and then doing his own dental work on the bench.

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