Replacing Real Guns with Nintendo Zappers in Classic Movies Scenes
Back in the day, there was a controller used on the original Nintendo Entertaiment System called the Zapper. The NES Zapper was a light gun used by pointing at the screen and pulling a trigger. I feel old even having to explain this thing. It was even so archaic, you had to plug it into the console …
Rambo — SuicideGirl of the Day [PICTURES]
Introducing Rambo, a SuicideGirl who can’t live without a fresh pair of vans, fantasizes about sex on a water slide and loves anything tiny. That’s fantastic news for almost every guy. Let’s just hope she doesn’t think you&CloseCurlyQuo…
Greatest Xmas Gift
So tis the season to give the gift I don't ever remember getting a gift so awesome that it made me throw up. This should be Nintendo Wii's new commercial.
The Nintendo Wii - "So Good It'll Make You Throw Up"