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Good Bye No-Shave November, Hello Decembeaver[NSFW]
I personally like clean shaven guys, So once a year I can deal with "Movember" or as we called it here at 97 Rock "No-Shave" November. I found a group of girls who decided to start their own tradition "Decembeaver" for a good cause of course! Check out their video and l…
No-Shave November Voting Begins [POLL]
No-Shave November has ended and most of us have probably gone back to a clean shaven look(The Brad not inlcuded) and now it's time to vote for the 2012 97 Rock Beardmaster. Place your vote today and let us know who you think will be the 2012 97 Rock Beardmaster.
No-Shave November with Duck Dynasty
As we celebrate No-Shave November we would be horrible fans if we didn't mention our bearded friends from A&E's Duck Dynasty show. The Robertsons have made wearing a beard beautiful and they've proven to us all that there are HOT women out there that love beards.
97 Rock's Beardmaster [CONTEST]
November. The manliest of months. Football, feasts, and face fuzz. It's that time again, fellas. Put away the razors for 'No Shave November'.
Show off your beard for a chance to win Green Day tickets and score $100 plus you'll score the title of 97 Rock's No Shave November Be…
What I’m Listening To – Four Year Strong
Ironically enough it's been four years since the release of Four Year Strong's major-studio debut, 'Rise or Die Trying', and they show no signs of weakness with their new album 'In Some Way, Shape, or Form'. Not only does their music kick ass, but it's good inspira…
Facial Sweater Scrapbook [PHOTOS]
It's been over two weeks now...hows No Shave November going for ya? Upload your man growth for a chance to win a Dirty Boy Package from The Head Shop Barbershop in Kennewick!