pendleton roundup

Happening Now... Fire Burning In Pendleton
Just spotted this live video out of Pendleton Oregon of a fire burning dangerously close to homes on the south hill...By the way the Pendleton Round Up kicks off today...Hope they get this under control quickly!
Most Haunted Places at the Pendleton Round-Up
The Pendleton Round-Up is this week. If you host one of the country's oldest, biggest, best and storied rodeos for over 100 years you're bound to have a few ghosts, right? If you want to go looking for ghosts, here's where we suggest:
What’s the Best Thing About the Pendleton ‘Roundup’?
Boat Races are long gone, The Benton Franklin Fair is over with, The Walla Walla Fair and Frontier Days will be done this weekend so what's there to do? Well Pendleton, Or is about to throw one of the biggest parties of the year and we want to know what's the best part about 'Roundup&…