Hang Glider Pukes Repeatedly in Flight [VIDEO]
If you happened to be in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina recently, and were struck from the sky by chunks of partially digested food, it probably wasn’t a large bird with some sort of stomach ailment that did you in.
No, instead you were likely the victim of a man named Jay, who doused the…
How To Get Out of an Elementary School Choir
It sucked having to do those school choirs...but kids, there is no need to play hooky. Just do like this little dude: throw up all over your fellow classmates and act all nonchalant the whole time. Not only does he not get any of his lunch on himself, but he managed to puke on that little ginger gir…
Greatest Xmas Gift
So tis the season to give the gift of...gifts. I don't ever remember getting a gift so awesome that it made me throw up. This should be Nintendo Wii's new commercial.
The Nintendo Wii - "So Good It'll Make You Throw Up"