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Please No Russell Wilson Divorce Talk: Good Luck With That!
Like many Seattle Seahawks fans I was stunned when I caught wind that Russell Wilson was divorcing his wife after just a couple of years of marriage. A quick post about it snagged some immediate reactions and most of it was negative: "Who the f%$k cares" seemed to be the consensus.
I agree.
Russell Wilson Filing for Divorce
12th men and women, Russell Wilson is about to hit the open market. (Good luck.)
The quarterback for the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks is filing for divorce. Russell and Ashton Wilson had been married since 2012, months before the Seahawks drafted him in the third round.
Russell Wilson Jerseys at All-Time High in Popularity!
All season long our sales department manager has been sending me emails reminding me that despite our wins, Colin Kaepernick's jersey was still the top-selling NFL jersey. Today I saw that Russell Wilson is now the No. 1 selling jersey from the 2013 season (Peyton Manning was No. 2 and Kaeperni…
Kaepernick Shaves Eyebrow After Loss to Seattle Seahawks
What was being hyped up as one of the biggest games of the NFL season, definitely lived up to it's name Sunday night. After an hour long delay during the first quarter due to lightning in the area and a tough defensive battle by both teams, the San Francisco 49ers were defeated by the Seattle Seahaw…
Russell Wilson Kaepernicks Colin Kaepernick
Seahawks fans know it all too well. Even as a Rams fan, I am starting to despise it, myself. "It", being Colin Kaepernick's stupid tattoo/muscle-kissing celebration. Nothing screams, "Insufferable tool" like Colin Kaepernick flexing his muscles to kiss his ta…
Come On Seahawk Fans Let’s Get Our 12th Man On! [VIDEO]
Are you ready for some football? Seattle takes on the Atlanta Sunday at 10 AM PT. It's a real Cinderella story for former Tri-City Dust Devil # 3 Russell Wilson. Can he take the team to the next level? We'll have to see. The 12th man is as fired up as I have ever seen and here is an origin…
NFL Quarterbacks Discuss Wildcard Weekend on Facebook
The Bengals offense looked like pussy cats against the Texans, the Packers finally shut down Adrian Peterson to beat the Vikings, the Ravens managed to hold off the Colts, and as we all know, the Seahawks shocked the nation with a decisive win over the Redskins. It was definitely an entertaining wee…

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