Is Losing Teachers for 'Common Core' a Good Idea?
I know a lot of teachers. The ones I know are not happy about Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium test coming next year as part of the Common Core Standards. I recently read Richland School District proposed removing four teachers from classrooms and assigning them to teach the teachers the Commo…
Hilarious Reasons Kids Got Dentention
I never had detention in all of my high school career. The times are a-changing, however, and kids are getting way more hardcore than I could have ever dreamed. Here are some classic detention slips from Pintrest that will blow you away. Go, children of education!
British College First To Offer Heavy Metal Degree
Imagine getting college credit for studying Metallica and Iron Maiden and playing metal gigs. Sounds like something metalheads might dream up after a long night of partying, but a college in the U.K. is doing just that. Beginning this fall, New College Nottingham will offer a two-year degree in…
Bellingham School Closes for the Day to Enjoy the Sunshine
It sounds like something straight from the Onion News Network, but this actually happened today. The principal at Bellingham Christian School decided the weather was too nice to be cooped up inside all day. Instead all 205 students got to enjoy a literal Sun-day on Friday. The school justified today…
Student Shot at Atlanta Middle School
A 14-year-old student at Price Middle School in Atlanta was shot in the head or neck on Thursday afternoon. The student was taken to the hospital; his condition has not been officially released, but reports say that he is alert, conscious and breathing.
Sending Your Support to Sandy Hook Elementary
It has been one of those days where the wake of a tragedy is felt by everyone. Hardly anyone can relate to what occurred this morning at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, but you can still show your support and empathy for those directly affected.

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