Locked, Rocked & Stocked Winner – Week 4
A big thank you to all that participated in our month long free fuel contest. We are proud to have each and every one of y0u as a true fan of the station, unfortunately there can only be one winner of $250 in free fuel. This week's winner of $250 in free fuel from 97 Rock and Sunmart locations …
Locked, Rocked & Stocked Summer Fuel Giveaway
Are you a Gasaholic? If so, then 97 Rock and Sunmart have got your back and this time the free fuel is bigger and the giveaway's are better. Join us weekday's for the Locked, Rocked & Stocked Summer Fuel Giveaway and win your share of $1000 in free fuel.
Sunmart’s “Ugly Mug” Contest
97 rock and Sunmart wanna see your ugly mug, and we’ll give you $100 gas card if your’s is the ugliest. bring in your ugly, worn out refillable mug to any sunmart and enter it into the ugliest mug contest. The winner gets a $100 gas card from Sunmart...