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Seahawks’ Pass on 2nd & Goal Not as Stupid as It Looked
Pete Carroll has a reputation of making "ballsy" risky calls that pay off high dividends, or miss very badly. In Super Bowl XLIX, both examples came to light. The slant pass to tie it up at half-time, and the slant pass that was intercepted by Malcom Butler...
See the Best Way to Lift a Drunk Friend — You’re Gonna Need It! [VIDEO]
At some point Sunday night you're gonna want the party to be over. "I gotta work tomorrow" will come out of your mouth. And chances are, somebody is going to be passed out drunk on your floor. Here is the most ingenious way to lift someone and get them on your back to carry out of your house (or out of the bar)! You will simultaneously think, "That's awesome" AND "I've got
Man Finds Seahawks Player’s Super Bowl Ring in Rental Car
Seattle Seahawks have crushed the world of football. They are on their way to another big win. The Superbowl ring is a big deal to all NFL players so it would suck if you it were lost right? Derrick Coleman had lost his ring but who found it is even more spectacular.
Still Celebrating the Win? Check Out This Huge Gallery of HQ Photos from the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Victory Parade
We have officially had a Sunday without football in 2014 and to say I am going through withdrawals is a bit of an understatement. For all of you Seattle Seahawks fans still riding high on your Super Bowl win (and rightfully so), I wanted to share some incredible high quality photos from the Super Bowl Victory Parade that cruised through downtown Seattle last week. Huge thanks to Mathew Baddley Pho

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