the brad

My Open Letter to the Brad’s Beard
Just a quick forward. I want to express myself appropriately and constructively during my time of impending grief, so I am writing a letter to the Brad's beard to share my feelings. I would also recommend you run this song in the background while you read this, to ensure a better reading experi…
Yup, That’s Me in a Goodwill Commercial [VIDEO]
I was asked to take part in a recent commercial for Goodwill Industries. Although I have never ridden a motorcycle in my entire life and would probably dump it if I tried, thanks to my beard, I was cast as a biker. It was a quick appearance and if you blink you will miss it. I utter four words, &quo…
Do You Like Face Hair?
I can honestly say I've never dated a guy with the facial girth of "The Brad" or any guy with a soul patch...eww gross! I have dated a few guys with Goatees. I didn't realize how popular facial hair is with the Ladies..
The Brad’s Gotta Theme Song
Yep, it's official, The Brad has an official theme song and an official video for that theme song. Make sure to watch 'Got Me A Beard' all the way through because it takes you for a crazy ride.
97 Rock Celebrates National High 5 Day
Today is National High 5 Day and 97 Rock is celebrating it by giving away free high 5's all day. The Brad started his giving early this morning when he got here. After the jump check out the video featuring Eclectic Approach's "Cool".
Be A Winner in Raise-A-Racquet and Help Local Youth
A lot of people fantasize about being with a professional tennis player. Your wish could come true, for a Saturday morning, if you can win one in an auction.
On Jan. 27, the Raise-A-Racquet Tennis Tournament will raise money for the Boys & Girls Club of Benton and Franklin Counties through a fund…

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