Kennewick Boneheads Steal From Walmart
According to Kennewick police departments facebook page:
I swear some people wake up and say "Gee how can I screw my life up some more"
Don't these people realize cameras are everywhere!!
Shoplifting Suspects: The male and female in this photo are suspected of trying to ste…
Kennewick Thief vs. Tree...Tree Wins!!!
Now, if I were a car thief...I'd probably drive slow , blend in with the traffic, be cautious... Careful not to draw attention!.. probably why I would make a horrible thief!
Here is another example of stupid people doing stupid things.
Last night officers responded to a collision (vehicle vs a tr…
BAM! Mr. Willie Is the Greatest Walmart Greeter Ever [VIDEO]
Mr. Willie takes his job very seriously as a Walmart greeter. Willie's job might sound simple, but it takes a special character to truly put a smile on someones face within seconds of greeting them. Mr. Willie's got it down to a science. When ya come in, he'll ask ya how ya doin'…

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