Forget Snowmageddon--Irrigation Outlook Growing Worse
Regardless of Snowmageddon in February, it's the snowpack in Cascades and elsewhere, and reservoir levels that determine what water will look like irrigation wise this year, and every year.
Kennewick Irrigation District, and others, are now saying the water levels are dropping when it comes to p…
SUV Ends up in Canal-'Sir You Have Some Explaining to Do!'
Benton County Sheriff's over the weekend, discovered the driver of this SUV was not impaired in any way, probably embarrassed about how he ended up in the water.
At this time, as of Monday, authorities still don't fully know, but early Monday they got this call about this Explorer in an irr…
2015 Drought Could Be Felt Again in 2016
With some irrigation districts only able to supply as little as 40, 45 or 47% of water normally allocated to farmers in Southeastern Washington, farmers and water suppliers are already preparing for what is expected to be a repeat of this year, in 2016.

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