Women in Business Conference Tri-Cities
The Tri-Cities Women in Business Conference is a one-day powerhouse event that brings together accomplished female leaders, corporate executives, business owners and young professionals to share insights, exchange ideas and empower their careers...
Who Invented the Slut? – New Research Will Surprise You
For years, society has believed that men compete for sex, and women do not. Over the years, research has surfaced to prove this to be false. Women do compete, just in completely different (sometimes malicious) ways than men. Now, let's talk about our focal point: sluts.
how do you answer "does my butt look big in this"?
It's the dreaded question no man wants to hear "does my butt look big in this"? The fact is men there is no getting around this touchy subject. A company called Quiz Factor did a survey to find out how women really want these questions answered. Ready....
10 Surprizing Things That Turn Men On
I read an article on a website the other day that totally surprized me. It was weird things that men are turned on by. I had a boyfriend once who loved it when I would wear nylons and another one who loved granny panties so really nothing should surprize me! But it did.

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