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Hometown Hottie Bloopers! [VIDEO]
Being a Maxim magazine Hometown Hottie is not as easy as it looks!  I mean really... it's tougher than it looks, check out Stephanie LeBeau it took 10 takes to get it right! I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy this video!
Don’t Get Punk’d At The Next Charity Car Wash
Now that the weather is hot I'm starting to see a lot of charity car washes. I like to help kids out so I will pull in on occasion to get my car washed and help a good cause. I have to admit I have never seen one quite like this, although if I did I'm sure I would laugh my ass off...
What Girls Really Do When They Clean [VIDEO]
When I left for work this morning I realized my house is a disaster. The laundry is over flowing the trash can is full and my make up is all over the sink. So when I get home from work this afternoon I know what needs to be done but I don't wanna...
Ray’s Golden Lion For Live Music
People always complain there's nothing to do in Tri-Cities,but here's another reason to say B.S. Ray's Golden Lion in Richland brings it when it comes to live Alternative/Rock shows for all ages! Here are just a few upcoming shows:
Waste Time AT Work Minute [VIDEO]
Did you ever have a grandparent, cousin, or in my case uncle that would tickle you incessantly? You would get tickled so hard it was painful. Well check out this dude's reaction to tickling.

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